About Us

Since its inception the EESC Lab has grown considerably in size, personnel and reserach mission. The new lab in Knoxville encompasses over 2500 sq.ft. of lab space divided into three main labs:

  1. The Fuel Cell Dynamics and Diagnostics Laboratory (FCDDL)

    The FCDDL continues to focus on novel diagnostics and measurement of heat and mass trasnport in polymer electrolyte fuel cells.

  2. The Flow Battery Dynamics and Diagnostics Laboratory (FBDDL)

    This laboratory focuses on design, optimization and development of novel diagnostic tools for investigating transport phenomena in flow batteries

  3. The Advanced Projects Laboratory (APL)

    This laboratory is involved in a variety of other research thrusts on new and evolving technologies related to electrochemical conversion of energy including hydrogen generation and waste disposal.
Additionally, Prof. Mench holds an appointment at ORNL which is equipped with a multitude of characterization equipment and a Fuel Cell Research Lab.





Neutron Imaging 

Acoustic Microscopic Image below surface of GDL

Presently, the labs are a highly interdisciplinary team and continues to expand. The interdisciplinary nature of the labs include expertise in thermal-fluid transport, electrochemistry, nano and micro fabrication, neutron imaging, chemical kinetics and reacting flows, and experimental design and testing. Please see the Facilities link to learn more about the specific facilities available for conducting research. We are always looking for new opportunities or people with expertise in emerging areas. Please send Dr. Mench a note if you would like more information.



Through Prof. Mench's joint appointment with the Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), students have access to perhaps the best energy and materials national lab facilities in the nation. Opportunities exist for joint fellowships and work within ORNL under Dr. Mench's supervision at all levels. Facilities include the Neutron Imaging Reactor, a vast array of materials characterization equipment, and interaction with a diverse staff set.