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Fuel Cell Diagnostics and Design Laboratory

The Mench lab was founded at Penn State University as the Fuel Cell Dynamics and Diagnostic Laboratory (FCDDL), in 2002 by the present director, Prof. Matthew M. Mench. The FCDDL was created to respond to the need for development of non-intrusive, in situ real time distributed diagnostics and embedded sensing devices for fuel cells. The FCDDL conducts fundamental and applied research on fuel cells for electric propulsion, stationary power generation and portable electronics.

The Fuel Cell Diagnostics and Design Laboratory specializes in development of advanced experimental diagnostics and computational tools for polymer electrolyte and microbial fuel cells. The FCDDL has a decade of experience in development of energy expermental and simulation tools for a variety of sponsoring agencies from government to industrial. At the core of our research is the interaction between materials and the multiphase heat and mass transfer in low temperature fuel cell systems. The laboratory facilities include a vast array of unique experimental and computational resources. Topics the FCDDL has covered in the past:

  2. Microbial FCS
  3. Nearly all aspects of PEFCs